I am urgently searching information’s about Priscila Piotrowicz and her current living address.

Priscila Piotrowicz, born in Curitiba, Parana – Brazil,  on December 13, 1974 with Brazilian Passport Number 6441691-0-SSP/PR has illegally taken money that does not belong to here
(~ Euro 25.750).

All attempts to find Mrs Piotrowicz in here supposed address in Brazil, Brasilia- DF, SQS 408, Bloco G, apartment 105, Asa Sul CEP, 70257-070 showed no results although it was possible to send here a registered mail trough a lawyer to this address.

According to information’s, Mrs Piotrowicz lived in Germany  in 2013, in the Schleissheimer Str. , in Münich.  She has been sued in Germany on this address but now disappeared again.

Trough the court is was possible to size here the amount of ~25000 Euro, however she appealed to this sentence, but here official real address remains unknown.

Since Mrs Piotrowicz has illegally withhold money that does not belong to here, not only in Germany but also in Brazil, where she is already investigated for different crimes by the authorities and even searched by the court, I would kindly ask anybody who may have information’s about this woman or/and here address, to contact me by Email on :

Thank you very much

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  • Rodrigo

    Ola amigo. A Priscila Piotrowicz, essa filha de uma p***, me ferrou também….. Ela se fez de “lady”, toda certinha, toda boazinha…. me endoidou com as chupetas dela e logo me roubou quase R$ 73.000,00

    Não tenho mais notícias dela desde 2009, mas por favor, se conseguir achá-la, me avise pois quero levá-la para a justiça também. Boa Sorte!

  • John

    Hi, this b**** screwed me up as well for quite some money !
    I am living in Venezuela (Caracas) where she is being searched by the police for trading with falsified Visas and Passports. I can happily provide you with police case numbers for you to follow up.
    I heard that Priscila Piotrowicz is living in Brazil now, Apucarana, Santos or Brasilia.
    Good luck !

  • f-melo-castro


    I write to you to say that Miss Priscila Piotrowicz lives free in Brazil, more specifically in the city of Brasilia, in the same address that you described.

    Is it true that Priscila committed these crimes? What the police have done in Brazil?

    If it’s true, she meets in the phone contact +55 67 9604-8091 and face profile (Priscila Piotrowicz). But if you get on a plane and go until her house, you most likely will find her. Expect to find her entering or leaving home. Patience is a virtue for a few!

    I was an old boyfriend and I liked her very much, but I was completely shocked to read this article blog. How is this possible?

    I say goodbye now and I hope that justice will be done.

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